You Will Come Down

One hope we’re clinging to, the day when we’ll see You
Descending on clouds in glory and fire
The archangel will give the shout, from the grave we will come out
Your Bride, yearning with desire

You will come down in power, You will come down in glory shouting
“Come up My people, come up from the grave!”

Even as we take our stand, we’ll see the sign of the Son of Man
Blazing in the sky, telling us our redemption has arrived!
Then in shining splendor You will come, You’ll send the holy angels out
To reap Your harvest, Your Beloved, the apple of Your eye!

And then
From the north, From the south
From the east, From the west
We will rise, we’ll be gathered to You in Zion

This is our hope, this is our life, this is what we wait for day and night
Come back Jesus! Come back Jesus!


O tragic day when man ate from that tree
O God come quickly, for the serpent now he’s after me
His lies they only lead to death, but in You is life
O God, our Creator, send the Seed to make the wrong things right

Resurrection, we’re longing for that Day!
Resurrection, You’ll wipe the tears away!
In the resurrection, You’ll speak the word of life!
Resurrection, You’ll raise us by Your might oh God!

You sent the Seed, Your Son to die that day
And then in power, You came and rolled the stone away
And every promise in Him, Amen and True
O Jesus, our Messiah, You’re coming back and we will live with you

You live, so we’ll live
You breathe, so we’ll breathe
You shine, so we’ll shine
Together, with You in Paradise

First Love

You know our deeds, our hard work our perseverance
But how quick we are to forsake what You hold dearest
So we remember! the height from which we’ve fallen Lord forgive us!

First love! First passion! is our desire! through Your Spirit!

We need You, We love You, come and breathe on us, Holy Spirit
We’re thirsty, And we’re hungry, come and breathe on us Holy Spirit
Fresh wind! Fresh fire! Come and breathe on us Holy Spirit
Fresh wine! Fresh oil! Come and breathe on us Holy Spirit

Yes you’re coming for Your people to resurrect us, by Your Spirit
Will we, be found blameless and full of love, when You meet us?

First love! First passion! is our desire! through Your Spirit!

Do you hear Jesus saying?
I walk among the lampstands, so will you burn for Me by My Spirit?
Come higher! My people! How much do you want, of My Spirit?

Shekinah glory, come come, Shekinah glory come, come!

We want more more more
We want more more more
We want more more more, of Your Spirit

You Along

Hear Oh Israel! The Lord your God, the Lord is one
You shall love the Lord, with all your heart mind soul and strength!

The statutes of the Lord, to be desired more than gold
They are sweeter than the honey, than the honey from the comb
So we bind them on our doors, and we write them on our hands
By Your Holy Spirit, we delight in Your commands!

You alone are the One we want, You alone are the One we need, Yahweh! Yahweh!

The holy law of love, written on our hearts with fire
To love you to love others, Lord this is our heart’s desire
For in the kingdom that is coming, there will be no hearts of stone
So fill us with the love that will flow out from your throne!

My soul longs for the living God!

We need more and more and more and more!
More and more and more and more!
More and more and more and more, of You!

Watch And Pray

Sin is crouching at my door, its desire is to have me
The powers of this evil age day and night, they assault me
But I have an intercessor at the Father’s right hand
So in the gospel of Messiah we take our stand!

So we watch, and we pray
That we might not fall into temptation

When the flesh is raging strong, I’ll choose the path of self-denial
The power of the Holy Spirit will see me through this trial
I have a priest who knows my weakness at the Father’s right hand
So by the power of His prayers, we take our stand!

We hear Your call to Gethsemane
The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

But Your grace is sufficient
Your grace is enough

We Remember

We recall Your wounds and stripes and the thorns on Your brow
No one took Your life from You, You freely laid it down
We recall the price You paid to pluck us from the fire
Forever telling us that we’re Your heart’s desire!

We remember Your sacrifice, we honor the blood of the Lamb

We recall Your mercy, as You were crushed in our place
Jew and Gentile in our pride together spitting in Your face
We recall your prayer that day, as You felt so all alone, cryin’
Father forgive them, cause I want My lost sheep home!

How could we ever thank You enough, for all that You’ve done
How could we ever thank You enough, for the death of Your Son

Forever we will sing, forever we’ll rejoice being filled with love, brimming full of joy!
Forever we will bow, forever we will weep, casting down our crowns, forever at Your feet!

Behold the Lamb, behold the Lamb, who gave it all!

The City With Foundations

Been intoxicated for way too long on things that will not last
Drinking from the golden cup, that is in the harlot’s hand
But now I’m gripped by a holy vision of a city still to come
So I’ll come out the city destined for fire for the New Jerusalem!

I will leave Babylon behind, to go to a new land that You’ve promised is mine

We’re looking for the city with foundations
The New Jerusalem is our fascination

Cities made with brick and mortar, their tops in the heavens fill the landscape of this age
Built on altars to demons, the verdict’s been pronounced, they will share in Sodom’s fate
So by the power of the cross, I will walk as a pilgrim with Your city in my sight
Till I’m standing in Zion, the city of my God, with the Lamb as its light!

May we hate, wickedness and love righteousness

Yahweh Exalted

Groaning under the yoke of a wicked king, to You Jacob appealed
Then You remembered Your covenant with the fathers
Your compassion aroused, You stirred up Your zeal!

You raised up Moses, a deliverer, You sent him back into that land
Then You rescued Your people from that smelting furnace
With a mighty arm, and an outstretched hand!

Chorus 1
Yahweh, exalted above the powers, they looked to You, Your faithful love proved true
Yahweh, You led them through the Sea on dry land, the idols judged, smitten by Your hand

Now we turn eyes from the former things, toward the new things you will do
Oppressed and trodden down by the little horn
Day and night, night and day, we’ll cry out to You!
Then after times, a time, and a half-a-time, once our refinement is complete
You’ll descend with zeal for Your name and glory,
To crush the Devil and his puppet under Your feet!

Chorus 2
Jesus, exalted above the powers, we look to You, we know Your Word is true
Jesus as we approach the final hour, let our love be true, eyes for only You

You will come with power, You’ll come with glory, You’ll stretch out Your hand
On eagles’ wings You’ll carry us, You’ll bring us into the land

We lift our eyes to the hills, where does our help come from
Our help comes from You, the Maker of all things
You will not slumber, You will not sleep
until we’re sitting with You at the marriage feast

To You I Call

Master how many times, have I turned back to Egypt in my heart
Rebelling in the wilderness, like a beast, and forgetting just how true You are
But I repent, I wail and I mourn, I renounce the idols in my life
Now let me drink the streams of mercy again, that flowed down on that day when You struck the Rock of Christ

To You I call O Lord my Rock, do not turn a deaf ear to me
Hear my cry for mercy as I lift my hands to You
The chief of sinners is my name, but You’ve opened up a way
A broken contrite heart, my God You won’t refuse

Master how many times, have I cursed my brother in my heart
Walking in the path of Cain, like a beast, and forgetting how just a Judge You are
But I forsake my wicked ways, I renounce the falsehood in my life
Now let me drink the streams of mercy again, that flowed down on that day when You struck the Rock of Christ

We need mercy, we need grace we are in need
So in boldness, we approach You, our High Priest

Make Him Known

Hard-pressed and squeezed so tight, but Your grace is always there
As Your Spirit broods in these jars of clay, we’re struck down, perplexed but not in despair
So as You mold our lives on that potter’s wheel, give us strength to run this race
As You buffet and prune the inmost parts, let us see our inheritance in Jesus’ face

We need a breath of wisdom, we need a wind of revelation
From those lamps, before Your throne, from Your Spirit who has marked us as Your own

Take the things on Jesus’ heart, Holy Spirit make them known to us
We want to know this One who purchased us from death
Fill us with Your light, fill us with Your truth
Complete what is lacking in our hearts
Make Him known, make Him known, make Jesus known, make Him known

Tested and tried like precious silver, in the fire of Your gaze
Your Spirit jealous for an undivided heart, that’s rooted and grounded in Your holy ways
So as You call us to drink of Jesus’ sufferings, as You conform us to His death
Open the eyes of our heart to know our blessed hope
In Jesus let us see our coming Sabbath rest

We want to know the hope, the hope of Your calling
The exceeding riches of the glory of Your inheritance in us
We want to know Your power, the strength that keeps us going
Always effective, always moving, always working, making us holy