Because we travel so much (with a constant variable of unpredictability concerning exact time-tables in various places), bi-vocational ministry is almost impossible for us. Hence, our ministry is entirely dependent on the generosity of financial partners who share a similar vision and burden. If God puts it on your heart to partner with us in the gospel financially on some level, there are several ways to do this.


Gifts given not necessarily on a monthly basis but still at regular intervals of time, are a blessing particularly during times of transition, when we need extra supply to cover the costs of transition to new places (housing set up, travel, etc. etc.) As stated on our Calling page, we usually gear up for such a transition every 6 months or so, though sometimes they come earlier (3 months) or later (9 months). We have been astounded by how consistently the Lord has led us according to this pattern, in terms of open doors, provision, etc. etc.


Gifts given by monthly partners are huge blessing in terms of helping us cover bills and other regular expenses.


One time gifts are a huge blessing in terms of covering ministry projects that the Lord has us putting our hands to (e.g. the Worship Album Project and Children’s Book Project). They are also helpful in times where we have special needs (such as when we’ve needed a new vehicle).

Those who partner with us financially can give in one of two ways. If they want to receive a deductible status on their gift, they can give through our missions organization The Malachi Network

You can give one of three ways to us through The Malachi Network.

  • In the sidebar to the right you will see different money amount options for Tax Deductible Recurring Donations through Paypal, if you want to give monthly to us. Whether you have Paypal account or not, you can still give a financial gift through this means.
  • Also on the right side bar is our Tax Deductible One-Time Donation through Paypal. Whether you have Paypal account or not, you can still give a financial gift through this means.
  • If you would rather write us a check for tax deductible giving you can send it to:

The Malachi Network
PO Box 368
Avalon, NJ 08202

*Please attach a note to the check with our names on it.

All gifts sent through the Malachi Network are deductible, and need to be made out to the Malachi Network with a note enclosed that it is for us. We encourage all those who support us on a monthly or regular basis to send their gifts through the Malachi Network.

For those who want to give gifts without a deductible status, if we are in the United States, you can send a check directly to us wherever we happen to be at the time. For security purposes we have not posted our personal address. If you would like to sponsor by this means, click here and type in the “Subject” line the word “Address”. We will send you our personal address asap. If we are traveling overseas, we usually have a designated US address where people can send checks, in which case we have friends deposit them on our behalf. We also have a personal PayPal Account you can give through by clicking the Non-Tax Deductible donation button in the sidebar on the right. Whether you have Paypal account or not, you can still give through this means.

Note: If you have a Paypal account we encourage you to use the “Send Money” feature within your account and use Emily’s email address in the “To” field. Paypal does include a small fee if money is given outside a Paypal account. If you have questions, please contact me.

We are so thankful for all of you whom God has used and continues to use to enable us to carry out the ministry to which He has called us. May the God of all grace and mercy bless and reward you greatly in His coming kingdom. Amen.